Why is Seth the Best Personal Trainer in Phoenix?

Seth Thurston is a certified professional trainer that has been training for 5 years as an independent trainer. His knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for health and fitness is what makes him successful. His programs that have been tested by for years and backed up by science is how he provides the best results for his clients.

Not stopping with that always staying current and updating the program as new scientific studies discover more efficient ways of doing things. Seth truely cares about all his clients, and not only strives to give efficient results but to go above and beyond to give excellent luxurious service.


Demonstrating his expertise through results, Seth provides everything you need to be successful. Meal plan, Aerobic plan, customized workout regimen, facility, accountability, encouragement, motivation. With years of practice Seth has learned to not only supply the tools to be successful to learned how to motivate each client in his/her own unique way and degree necessary.


Seth not only provides quick proven results but you get free access to the most luxurious training facility with premium equipment.
Access to cardio equipment, and free towel servicefree water service.
As a client all of this comes to you with no extra charge!