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‘Seth is a wonderful trainer. I started training with him in an effort to jump start some weight loss. I had gained 15 lbs for an acting job and was having trouble finding the motivation to take it off. Seth got me started with some great tools to take with me on my next project which was in Lancaster, PA. In two short weeks he gave me enough knowledge to put to use while I was away and I lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks! When I got back I scheduled more time with him to stay on track and have never felt better about my body.

The great thing about Seth is that he becomes totally invested with you so that you can reach your goals. He offers diet and nutritional tips, demonstrates exercises that you can do at any gym and at home and even shoots you a text now and then to keep you moving on the healthy path you have decided to take. On top of all that, he is professional, sweet and easy going. He’s the best trainer in Phoenix!’

Angelica Howland

Seth is wonderful trainer. He is very knowledgeable and competent in the area of fitness and weight lifting concepts and techniques. He always makes you feel comfortable with whatever routine he has you do. He thoroughly explains and shows examples of how to do an exercise properly before he has you do it and also tells you what muscle groups you are working.

Seth also goes over your diet with you and figures out what you need to do to achieve the results you want by setting goals with you and working hard with you to reach them.
I would highly recommend Seth for personal training from a beginner level to advanced athlete.”

Carissa Brnilovich

Seth has been my personal trainer for over a year now.  He has always been willing to offer his assistance and has an excellent reputation with all of his clients. He has notably demonstrated the knowledge of physical fitness and overall wellness.  He’s always professional, punctual and has never missed an appointment.

Seth’s personal training has helped me improve my appearance and personal well being.  He has provided diet suggestions, changes out my workouts and won’t let me give up.  I feel like I am in the best shape of my life thanks to him.

Seth Thurston is an asset to Oasis Training and is worthy of consideration for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.”

Terry L. Engle

I came to Seth at 66 years old and with a lot of physical problems, including shoulder surgery and bad eating habits. He has been able to increase my overall fitness, core strength and improve my sense of well being far beyond my expectations.

He is extremely sensitive and attentive to my physical situation as it changes from time to time, by making the appropriate adjustments for my workouts. He is very knowledgeable of the results the various equipment and free weights will produce.

He has been extremely faithful and committed to our scheduled times. He is also very reasonable priced for his sessions as well.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found him before my condition really got any worse. He has encouraged me about improving my diet and has educated me how foods affect my energy level. He is undoubtedly dedicated to me as an individual and truly cares about my long-term health and fitness. I told my wife that I think he cares more about my health than I do.

I have been working with Seth for well over a year now and he has truly changed my life. I am so grateful to him for this.

I recommend Seth highly to anyone, whether young or old, in good health or bad, all will benefit from his expertise.

Samuel Foudray

Seth Thurston has been my personal trainer for almost a year. Previous to that, I doubted the value of using a trainer and assumed training was a waste of money. When I started my membership at a new gym, I figured I would give training a try as a way of getting back into the gym.

I credit Seth with being the major reason my physical health and strength has greatly improved. His experience and approach to training has been beneficial in many ways. His dedication to this craft shows as he creates workouts that are targeted to my specific needs. He helps me progress with a constant mixture of new exercises and an increased level of challenge while maintaining a core approach to resistance training.

One of the reasons that my sessions with Seth were so beneficial was due to his
continued support. His positive attitude made going to the gym a pleasure and a time I looked forward too. I can always count on him being on time, and very flexible with my schedule.

I am so impressed with his continued professional growth as he is constantly working to increase his knowledge through the internships that he participates in to learn more about his craft.

I would highly recommend Seth to any one looking for a personal trainer to hire.

Misha Quarles

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